Our History

Wind Pioneers was founded in July 2016 to bring smart, flexible prospecting and wind farm design services to developers and investors in emerging markets.

Starting The Company → Throwing caution to the wind

July 2016


The company is founded to pioneer smarter engineering approaches for finding and designing wind farms.

First Assessment → There’s something in the wind

September 2016


Wind Pioneers completes its first full energy assessment.

El Niño → The winds of change

March 2017


Following pioneering research into the impacts of the El Niño Southern Oscillation on tropical wind regimes Wind Pioneers now incorporates into energy assessments.

Longterm Approaches → Knowing which way the wind blows

December 2017


A new approach to long-term adjustments is pioneered, with consensus opinions being derived from 1000+ possible long-term approaches.

Fiftieth Design → Go like the wind

March 2018


Wind Pioneers completes its 50th wind farm design.

Global Validation → Catching wind of it

January 2019


The company embarks on a long-term project to map and profile tens of thousands of existing wind turbine locations around the world to provide empirical evidence on what makes for successful wind farms.

New Office → Hoist your sail when the wind is fair

June 2019


Wind Pioneers out grows its office and expands into a new WPHQ.

Hybrid Projects → Close to the wind

November 2019


Wind Pioneers undertakes its first wind-solar hybrid prospecting study, pioneering approaches to find complimentary matches.

Four Continents → Scattered to the four winds

January 2020


Wind Pioneers completes work across four continents and twenty countries.

Expanding The Team → Running before the wind

March 2021


The team grows further, with its 18th pioneer.

Our new base → Winds carrying us home

August 2022


We moved into our new office space in a beautiful duplex space in Indiranagar, Bangalore

Biggest Layout → Wind like never before

June 2023


We complete our biggest wind farm layout design to date – 30GW!

Revolutionizing wind farm design→ WindQuest

October 2023


Full release of WindQuest – Our revolutionary software for designing wind farms in minutes, not days!