Design and Development Services

Design and Development Services

Wind Pioneers has developed in-house tools that make fast optimisation of layouts and site designs possible. This helps understanding of the likely optimal size of a wind farm at a site and the land area that the wind farm would be likely to cover. An automated approach to analysing wind farm capacity optimisation, turbine comparison and energy comparison enables fast wind site design and optimization. The Wind Pioneers approach allows iteration of site design in cooperation with the client to ensure a buildable, practical and highly energetic layout.

► Turbine Layout Design

We use our in-house tools in sync with industry standard software to design a wind farm layout for a given turbine type and site capacity to be maximised for net energy. Optimization of the wind farm layout is possible when cost data is available.Practical considerations are taken into account for site layout adjustments.

► Capacity Optimisation Study

We undertake detailed study of a site for a range of capacities in order to maximise against net output, lowest cost of energy, net present value or any other relevant metric. Wind Pioneers can provide indicative layouts for a range of site capacities.

► Turbine Selection Study

We analyse turbine performance information provided for a range of turbine models to compare the gross and net turbine energy output at the site. The study can include re-optimisation of the micro-siting to suit specific turbine models or alternatively comparing models using a single common layout design.Uncertainties can be estimated for each turbine selection so P50, P90 and other probability levels can be compared. Where sufficient cost information is available we produce cost of energy, payback time and net present value comparisons for different turbine models using a simple financial model.

► Energy Comparison Study

We compare different site configurations side-to-side to understand the impact on site energy and uncertainties. These configurations may include different hub height variations, locations of turbines or variations such as implementation of wind sector management.

Technical Assistance in Turbine Selection:

We provide assistance in technical discussions with OEMs. Input will be provided into items such as recommending site conditions envelopes required for power curves.

► Natural Hazards and Extreme Wind Speeds