Lean Wind Farm Development

Lean Wind Farm Development

► What is Lean Wind Farm Development?

When building a portfolio of wind development assets in a market we have to accept that not every site studied will successfully mature into being an operational wind farm project. A developer’s skill is selecting the sites that will be successful, and then guiding them through the development cycle as quickly and efficiently as possible.

This means:

  • Identifying and dropping the sites that have fatal flaws
  • Progressing the sites that will succeed with minimum time and cost


Lean wind farm development is the art of doing this with the minimum resources and the maximum degree of success.

Being lean means constantly asking ourselves what risks can we understand and mitigate with the least time and effort that’s going to reduce the overall risk profile of the project to the greatest extent? Being lean is the way to create value from ensuring resources are efficiently invested in progressing the best projects.

► How We Support You to be Lean

As a specialist wind experts, we help drive your projects forward by ensuring you are focused on the right studies, with the right degree of detail.

► Fast, robust analyses

Being lean is about doing more with less. Our proprietary tools ensure, fast robust analyses at a fraction of the time and effort of industry standard approaches.

  • Test the sensitivities of your project, be it to land availability, turbine type or hub height
  • Increased sophistication from automation and ensembling methodologies
  • Use the same effort to study more sites
► Development Risk Management
  • Risk-based development management approach
  • Identify which technical studies will have the biggest contribution to de-risking you site, with minimal time and resources
  • A well-connected network of technical specialists
► Flexible Support
  • Technical support proportional to the stage of your project
  • Commercial models to suit the situation
  • Turnkey or a-la-carte support. Let us manage the technical aspects of your development, or simply pick from specific analyses as required.