Oops, looks like your laptop just crashed – said V to K! I look around and see a bunch of my team trying to decode why K’s laptop just crashed and then follows a plethora of wise advise on how to save your laptop from crashing! On the other end A is gleaming because a piece of code that she was immersed into ran successfully, while P – oblivious to all of this, is compiling reports for Wind Data Management, while happily listening to music on his head-set.

A natural smile sets on my face, reminding me that my team is as different as possible but also very similar. We are a bunch of Engineers and Specialists who are on a mission to save the planet! We are different because we are never happy with the status-quo, in fact we constantly challenge the status-quo. We are similar in that each one of us wants to be the best at what we do.

So what makes us the ‘Winds of Change’?

Wind Pioneers was established with a pure vision to ‘Be the best in the world at finding and developing new Wind farm sites’. We knew wind farm development needs to be looked at from a different lens and that’s why we are here. A gender-neutral wind energy consultancy which truly believes that hard work combined with passion and knowledge outsmarts everything. You will easily find amongst us, a fresh graduate who confidently trains a seasoned professional and a seasoned coder who completely trusts a junior employee to take over the baton.

While work is challenging and interesting every day, the WPFC (Wind Pioneers Football Club) can’t wait to play the toughest match every Tuesday. Wednesday team meetings at the company Head Quarters keeps us all in sync, but it doesn’t kick start until we play a fun activity – of course its icing on the cake when someone gets goodies which we all happily dig into 😊. While Covid-19 has currently pushed us to have fun ‘only virtually’ but that doesn’t stop us!

A recent dabble through an ‘Innovation Championship’ – everyone providing ideas to make us smarter and better, got the best ideas to the table. From Cloud Computing to Staying Fit to Project Management, there was no topic that wasn’t discussed and critically questioned as well. The overwhelming number of good ideas made it next to impossible to rank them all. While we had a winner, we couldn’t ignore the benefits from all the other ideas hence we are busy implementing as many of them as possible.

Its immensely satisfying to see that we have built a team that is fiercely competitive and yet has no egos. One of the company statistics that our founder – Jerry finds highly noteworthy is the number of team arguments that we’ve had in the history of the company. The count is ‘Zero’. Discussions for sure, but never an argument! To me these make ‘Wind Pioneers‘ synonymous with ‘Winds of Change’. 

Challenges the ‘Winds Of Change’ blow in:

As a wind energy consultancy with such a unique and competitive team, a good challenge we constantly face is to find ‘a right fit’ when we hire. It’s not only the technical skills that makes a candidate stand out but also the like-mindedness and fun and friendly attitude which matters and makes it possible for us to have Wind Engineers, GIS & Prospecting Specialists, a Climate Researcher, Coding Specialists and Communication Strategists all working together as a small family. At the end of the day improving wind farm development is a long-term goal which needs us to build a team that will stand tall with us not just today, but even 10-15 years down the line. Hence, a cultural fit becomes a top priority in finding ‘a right fit’.

While building a team is a constant work in progress, here’s wishing that we continue to find more people like us who are happy to push ‘Wind Pioneers‘ to be the strongest ‘Winds of Change’ while we continue to work, play and learn every day!

And hey if you’re a smart, driven individual looking for a career in a company doing it’s best to improve the world while having fun, do reach out and we’re always interested in chatting!

Laxmy Nair

Laxmy heads our Operations and manages all the Non-Technical aspects of the company. From navigating your way within the company to help you shine and achieve your goals, she is your go-to person. Setting a positive culture and making sure work is fun and that people are in a happy yet competitive environment is her main focus. When she is not working, she is running around her little son.