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Current Job Openings

Below position is based in Indiranagar, Bangalore and we offer terms that are competitive, flexible and strongly-incentivised.

Head of Wind & Site

Key Responsibility

Client satisfaction across all Wind & Site projects managed by the company. Overseeing, managing, and delivering technical projects on time and to a high quality.

Description of Role

Our vision as a company is to be world leading at finding and designing new wind farm sites. We are building a set of tools, approaches and engineering processes that will, in time, combine to form a capability to undertake the technical management of wind farm development at a significantly improved level of sophistication over existing standard industry approaches.

To achieve its aim, Wind Pioneers is driven by its consultancy work, both in terms of providing the revenues for our continued existence, but also to provide a rich source of learning opportunities to help test and develop our approaches.

Growing a cohort of satisfied clients is key to the company achieving its long-term aim, and the Head of Wind & Site for Wind Pioneers will be responsible for entirely owing the Wind & Site consultancy aspects of the company. It will include (though not limited to) - end to end client satisfaction and happiness, business developments across regions and building marketing collaterals for successful expansion of the company.

Detailed Responsibilities

The role will broadly involve:

  • Client handling from an inquiry stage to final project delivery. Running business meetings with clients across regions and understanding the scope of work and striking a deal.
  • Be the first line of client contact for new projects and new clients.
  • Keep existing clients happy by making sure projects are in line with their expectations.
  • Identifying new clients and growing the business across the world.
  • Work closely on client feedback to improve overall delivery of projects.
  • Provide valuable guidance to the team for better management of clients and projects.
  • Close collaboration with Head of Engineering for job resourcing across various projects.
  • Closely collaborate with Technical Lead for project management and commercial support.
  • Advancing and building on existing approaches.
  • Researching on new business development techniques and advancements in the industry.
  • Building marketing collaterals for business expansion.

In time the role has the potential to grow into the following areas:

  • Ownership for company’s commercial success with every project.
  • Entire ownership with Business Development – we want to aim to work in every country in the world!
  • Responsibility for Consultancy revenues.
Candidate Requirements
  • A passion for wind resource, and for the role renewable energy can play in mitigating climate change.
  • 7+ years of experience in the field and in a similar role. Also capable of independent work, and taking initiative in self-directing work projects.
  • Highly organised.
  • Detail orientated.
  • Confident communicator.
  • Great in a client-facing role and technically sound.
  • Able to build rapport with team.
  • Takes great pride in quality of their work.
  • Always looking to improve processes, approaches
  • Potential to grow with the company.
Wind Pioneers’ Offering
  • Responsibility in owning of Wind Pioneers’ consultancy activities.
  • Supportive environment to gain in-depth technical experience the Wind Pioneers way.
  • Part of a focused team with a clear vision, dedicated to making an outsized impact in the way that wind farm projects are found and evaluated.
  • A friendly, relaxed office environment and team culture.
  • Flexible working conditions.
  • Market-based salary along with addition of Wind Pioneers’ revenue share scheme.

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